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Monday, November 03, 2014
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2014/2015 YEARBOOK

Dear Parents and Students,

 DeLisle Elementary School is once again using Picaboo Yearbooks to publish our school memories. The school staff will create the front cover and the first 56 pages of each book.   You have the opportunity to add 4 PERSONALIZED PAGES and a PERSONALIZED BACK COVER to your book at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

When the book is flipped over and upside down, your student becomes the main subject. You may add additional personalized pages for just $0.99 per page.

 To pre-order your yearbook and/or to begin creating your personalized pages, please visit our storefront at

Scroll to bottom of page, click “Personalize” to begin your yearbook.  You do not have to pre-order or purchase your book to begin personalization. If you need help, please visit to watch video tutorials and read step-by-step instructions.

Hardcover yearbooks ~ $24.00

Softcover yearbooks ~ $18.00

All personalized yearbooks must be purchased through the online store. If you choose not to personalize your book, you may purchase through the online store or you may send cash/money order (NO CHECKS)  to Ms. Hansen. Be sure to include your student’s name and homeroom teacher.  Yearbooks ordered through this method CANNOT be personalized.

 Have pictures you’d like to share for the yearbook staff to possibly use? Upload them at

 ~Deadline for all orders and personalization ~

March 6, 2015


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