2017 Science Fair Winners - DES
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Monday, March 13, 2017

DeLisle Elementary School Announces 2017 Science Fair Winners


At the DeLisle Elementary School science fair, inquisitive students shared the findings of their scientific investigations through creative project board displays. 1st and 2nd place winners in each category advanced to the Mississippi Region VI Science and Engineering Fair which was held at the Mississippi Coast Convention Center on February 24, 2017.

DeLisle Elementary School Level Winners

Botany K - 3:

2nd Place – London Martin; 3rd Place – Isais Mondragon and Sidney Borne.


Botany 4 – 5:

2nd Place – Emily Carter


Chemistry K - 3:

2nd Place – Aubry Curtis, Korahlyn Duffy, Kylie Fine, Kayla Lamey, Larkin Lewis, Jaliyah Sumrall, and Hattie Wells; 3rd Place – Braxton Allen, Karoline Carver, Cody Gibson, and Drake Sykes; Honorable Mention – Tayler Cuevas, Mariah Dedeaux, Olivia Duckworth, Milana Pipoly, and Zaydee Wahl.


Chemistry 4 - 5:

1st Place – Aaron Cuevas, Alaysia Dedeaux, Breanna Huget, Kaylee Necaise, and Lawrence Sykes; 2nd Place - Jalynn Bloodsworth, ZeMylan Coleman, Kami Dubuisson, Iris Fair, Madison Holmes, Landon Laphand, Brody Samms, Presleigh Shank, Drew Tiedt, and Kalani Topps. 3rd Place – Lily Furby, Kyle Knutson, Zoey Lowery, and Makenzy Treadaway; Honorable Mention – Elizabeth Collums, Mackenzie Ladner, and Landon Taylor.


Earth, Space, Environmental Sciences K - 3:

2nd Place - Gracie Hamby


Earth, Space, Environmental Sciences 4 - 5:

3rd Place Haleigh Lawing; Honorable Mention – Dominick Dedeaux.


Engineering, Computers, and Math 4 - 5:

1st Place – Chase McLaughlin; 2nd Place – Trenton Whitworth; 3rd Place – Brandon Sellier; Honorable Mention – Bryson Close.


Medicine and Health K - 3:

1st Place – Hayden Gant and Allison Taylor.


Medicine and Health 4 – 5:

1st Place Emma Wantland


Microbiology K - 3:

2nd Place – Lauren Mong; 3rd Place – Kristian Banning and Mason Townsend.


Microbiology 4 - 5:

2nd Place – Allie Armstrong


Physics K - 3:

3rd Place – Kincade Boring, Aiden Kurre, Lauren Marshall, and Gabe Smith; Honorable Mention – Jayla Agee, Brayden Bonnett, and Braeden McKay.


Physics 4 - 5:

2nd Place – Ethan Cuevas, Amarie Edwards, Hunter Holland, Pejah Lloyd, and Gracie Nunez; 3rd Place – Evan Anderson, Garrison Beatty, Leah Halstead, Cassa House, Jayda Kalinauskas, Zachary Ladner, Saige Shaw, Micheal Shiyou, Callie Smith, and MyCanton Warren. Honorable Mention – Jeremiah Newell, Philip Niolet, Abigail Toler, and Ella Woods.



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