DeLisle Elementary School Gifted Program 


DeLisle Elementary School Gifted Program


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Pass Christian Public School District Gifted Program is to provide a qualitatively differentiated educational program for gifted children based on their exceptional abilities, thereby enabling the gifted students to realize their potential contributions to self and society.




The Gifted Program, in keeping with the district’s Commitment to Excellence and in accordance with the Regulations for Gifted Education Programs in Mississippi (2013), recognizes that gifted children require a qualitatively differentiated educational experience. Our district is dedicated to providing an educational enrichment program that addresses the unique talents, needs, and learning styles of gifted students. The Gifted Program strives to give students the opportunity to be fulfilled, productive, contributing citizens.


Goals & Objectives: 

The Pass Christian School District Curriculum for Gifted Students is designed to:


·  Provide an equitable identification process that is inclusive and meets requirements as outlined in state regulations.


·   Provide an environment that fosters/encourages opportunities for gifted students to interact with intellectual peers.


·   Provide a qualitatively different program of instruction incompliance with MDE regulations, standards, and learningoutcomes that addresses individual student strengths, interests,learning styles, and unique needs of gifted students.


·   Provide specialized training for gifted education teachers,counselors, and other personnel on appropriate instructionalstrategies, and the nature and needs of gifted students.


·   Provide differentiated guidance efforts for gifted studentsincluding those who are underachieving, twice exceptional, and at-risk through the assistance of school counselors.


·   Provide an on-going and annual evaluation of each student’sprogress in the gifted program.


·   Provide for an annual comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of the district’s gifted program.